Thank you for becoming a Green Party Sustainer!

GPUS_e_Sustainers-header_4.png“They tried to bury us. They didn't know we were seeds” - Mexican proverb  

Plant the seeds of the revolution today: Become a monthly donor for the Green Party!

$2783 /month: Hire an organizer to support frontline communities and continue to build the movement    

$1,000 /month: Office space to support local community organizing

$500 /month: Legal defense to support civil disobedience                      

$100 /month: Website development                               

$25 /month: Tools, tactics and training for one Green Party Volunteer                                          

$10 /month: Signage and promotional materials for the Green Party                               

It all depends on YOU!    

If you are already a Sustainer, please increase your gift here. 

Click here to make a One-time Donation.

Thank you!



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